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Wildlife Conflict Resolution Program

Photo of Dunoir Allotment - Copyright Rick Metzger

Dunoir Allotment

The National Wildlife Federation has been working in the Yellowstone Ecosystem since 2002 on a Wildlife Conflict Resolution Program to retire livestock grazing allotments that experience chronic conflict with wildlife, especially grizzly bears, wolves and bison. In 2009, NWF expanded this program to the 1.1. million-acre Charles M. Russell National Wildlife Refuge in north-central Montana. Ranchers receive fair payment for giving up their grazing privileges, and typically use the funds to secure grazing in locations without wildlife conflicts. (Please see our Program Description page for details.)

To date, the National Wildlife Federation, along with our partners, has retired 36 allotments totaling more than 624,197 acres in the Yellowstone Ecosystem. On the Charles M. Russell National Wildlife Refuge we've developed grazing agreements on 5 allotments equalling 59,434 acres. (Please see our Specific Allotments page for details and our Yellowstone Allotment Overview Map and our Charles M. Russell National Wildlife Refuge Grazing Allotment Map.)

We believe a fair market approach to changing grazing patterns can turn opponents into partners and provide a win-win solution for ranchers and wildlife. We also believe our approach can provide a new conservation model for other species ... one that reduces litigation, while sustaining the ranching industry and protecting America's wildlife heritage.

If you would like to find out how you can help, please visit our How To Help page.


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